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This page is dedicated to Sony Ericsson mobilphones and the huge pile of things you can do when you're owning one of these great phones.

Ericsson T68m

This was my first phone and I bought it in a local mobilephone store, "Spaceworld", on the 24th december 2002 (yes, Christmasday). Since I knew a couple of guys working there I got a nice discount and I got the phone for 4700 NOK ($670 USD) including taxes. In addition was the phone was locked to Telenor and it's funny now to see how much the market has changed since then. Nowadays almost all phones can be subsidiced for a fraction of the retail price. But the downside with subsidiced phones are usually that you get a customized firmware, or software, with brand logos and bound services to the provider. Mine was not altered in either way, just locked.


My Functionalities

Short list of a few areas where I use the phone other than sending sms messages and talking:


LCD screen replacement

It was bound to happen sooner or later; one day I managed to through my phone down the stairway, it just slipped my hand when I opened a door on top of the stairs. This resulted in a broken lcd screen with 2-3 major cracks rendering the upper-right part of the screen useless.

After searching for a replacement screen on Ebay I found a nice Canadian mobilephone shop called Cellex. They sold the screen for $16.99 USD and just $5.50 USD for shipping costs. Can recall what the delivery time was but it usually takes around a week or more for something delivered from America.

Replacing the screen itself was'nt really that hard as long as you take great care and use the right tools. A fast rundown; flip off the front faceplate with a small screwdriver, use a small torx screwdriver to remove the 6-8 screws, lift the damaged screen from it's socket gently and plug in the new one.

Sony Ericsson V/Z800

Researched only

This phone will be my next gadget, it has everything I've been missing from all the other phones. The major features I want are UMTS/3G support, Memory Stick DUO Pro and 1 Megapixel camera.


Sony Ericsson K750i

After the disappointment with Z800 (mainly the camera), I wanted to hold off for the latest phone in the P-series, codename Hermione. But after some sources relieved that it won't hit the market untill early 2006, I decided to get the K750 instead. It's pretty close to my ideal phone; a great 2 MP Camera, Memory Stick PRO Duo slot, radio and media player, and a nice responsive interface. Only thing missing is a fast data carrier for my iBook, either EDGE or 3G would be sufficient. WLAN would also be cool too. I bought it 2. August 2005.

I had the K750 for about 4 months and then it started having problems, more spesific just shut itself off by pressing slightly on the each side in the middle of the phone. After 3 repairs, I got a brand new phone and decided to sell it as new and I got what it was worth (2500 NOK, 15% lower than street price). I sold it on the 25. January 2006 (8 months after it was released). The phone really didn't make a good impression on me and I was constantly reminded how good the T68 really is and how far ahead of time it was when it was released. The K750 it didn't really appeal to me, maybe because of the slightly lower build quality compared to the T68 or the bad experiences I've had with it (Repair and the Sandisk 1 GB Memory Stick that went bad on me).



Sony Ericsson P990i

The new SE P990 got it all, WLAN, 3G, 2MP Camera, Radio, Music and Movie player, touchscreen, and loads of other goodies. Just what the K750 lacked. It was scheduled to be released to market late Q1 2006, but did eventually get delayed another quarter and started to pop up in stores in Norway the 10th August. I ordered the phone the second I saw that it was in stock.


Areas I couldn't explore earlier, but can with P990 includes...

Device design:


Applications I would like and use:

P990 Software versions:

Model numbers:

Tips and tricks:

  1. Disable handwriting recogniztion for snappier interface
  2. Select 'Large cache' in Opera
  3. To enable flash light in video capturing mode, enable light in picture mode, hold shutterbutton halfway, turn jog-dial to video mode
  4. Enable USB file transfer in 'Connections' to allow fast file copy over USB cable
  5. Set Opera zoom to 80% for overview and clear text
  6. If software update fails, try deleting blob_fs folder and install latest Java client, update will erase everything on the phone memory
  7. Set camera picture quality to 'Fine'
  8. Mute camera shutter sound
  9. Limit backlight brightness to 25-80%
  10. Disable wlan and 3G network support when not needed in 'Mobile networks' and 'WLAN' menus respectively
  11. Calibrate the touch screen using the 'Setup wizard'
  12. Turn off GPRS to disable continous GPRS signal search, will still work and turn on when needed (i.e MMS), found in 'Internet Accounts', 'More', 'Options' and 'CS Only'
  13. To enter service menu, flip closed: jog-dial up, *, down, down, *, down, * - flip open/removed: in phone application, jog-dial up, touch *, down, down, *, down, *
  14. Apply a thin layer of cycle oil around the battery cover to remove any squirky noises and to make removal somewhat easier

My blog entry about the P990

Sony Ericsson P1i

Direct link to the Sony Ericsson P1i entry on my Wiki.



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