T68 Dissambling

First off, dissambling the T68 was much easier than I imagined. I've never dissambled a mobilephone before this one, and later on I've replaced the screen and fixed the volume leveler on a Nokia phone without too much hurdle. When the T68 is fully dissambled you should've a total of 22 major pieces including screws.


The phone. Remove the battery and the simcard as you usually would.

Front Cover

On top of the phone, crack open the antenna cover. Use a torx X screwdriver to remove the top and bottom screws. Using a small flat screwdriver, carefully insert it on either side to remove the front faceplate.
Front faceplate successfully removed.

Back cover

Remove the four torx screws around the dial pad. Back cover successfully removed. Another view of the circuit board.

LCD Screen and Internal Speaker

On both side of the lcd screen there are two plastic tabs, bend then outward using a flat screwdriver. LCD screen removed successfully. Backside of the LCD screen, notice the internatl speaker on top.

Parts Overview

Overview of all the major parts, showing the backside. Another angle. Another angle.
Overview of all the major parts, showing the frontside. Another angle. Another angle.


As usual, reverse the procedure to reassemble the phone.