T68 Unlocking

The advantage of unlocking the phone is mainly that you can use it with other operators. The operator you bought the phone at usually lock it to their network for a periode of time, i.e 12-18 months. The whole process is pretty simple, just use check the "Rebuild SP Area using OPT IMEI" as shown below.


  1. Prepare the bios and the cables as described on the flashing page.

  2. Open DIV USB and connect the phone.

  3. Select the phone model, T68, and check the "Rebuild SP Area using OTP IMEI" option. The settings should look like the picture below. When everything is selected, click "Do Selected Jobs".

  4. The process shouldn't take more than a minute, and the last line in the box to the lef should credit "Operation succesfull".


For references and troubleshooting, check the flashing page.